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As leading facing brick suppliers to the construction market, we offer our customers advice, guidance and most importantly the freedom of choice.

Working with facing brick manufacturers across the UK and Europe, our knowledgeable teams hold millions of bricks in regional stock locations, or can supply to large scale developments nationwide.

  • Prefabricated red brick slips supplied to large scale commercial development.
  • CD5 2498 LR
  • Woodmore-mews-project
  • Anfield 8 Web Res
  • ProClad brick cladding and prefabricated lintels supplied to academy building.
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Made from completely natural materials, our clay facing bricks have centuries of proven durability having stood the test of time.

Specifiers and designers are increasingly pushing the boundaries of how bricks can be used, including projecting brickwork and a variety of different bond patterns, to deliver exceptional building facades.

Through our range of facing bricks, from red to buff to black, there is something for all our customers. If your project has tight planning and budget restrictions, or if you’re looking to push the boundaries of design, we’re ready to meet your requirements.

  • Red facing bricks supplied to the New Cross project.
  • Facing bricks supplied to award winning residential development.
  • Dakota Hotel 11 Large
  • Towerworks 15 Web Res
  • Facing brick blend supplied to residential development.
  • Oasis Academy Silvertown 26 Large
  • Facing Brick Project - Pennywell Regeneration
  • Dover Court 10
  • Poundbury Dorchester 14
  • Strawberry Place 15 Web Res
  • Mitton Grange 3 Web Res
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