Insulation is an important part of any new or retrofit project, offering crucial thermal, sound and moisture resistance benefits.

We supply insulation from all leading manufacturers and have extensive product knowledge, to find the best high-performing insulation solution for your development.

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For use across both residential and commercial developments, from roof and loft boards, to flooring and cavity wall insulation, we have the ideal product available for any application.

Not sure what insulation material you need? We know that choosing the right insulation can be complex, especially with the need to meet specific ‘U’ Values, fire and acoustic criteria, so we are always on hand to help you find the right products for your requirements.

We supply insulation across the country, while also holding stock of trusted insulation materials, such as Glass and Mineral Wools, Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Boards, in our selected warehouses.

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As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

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Thermal Insulation

In light of the construction industries rightful move towards creating sustainable developments, thermal insulation has become an unquestionable part of each build.

With the help of our thermal insulator materials, including slabs, rolls, boards and panels, you can benefit from the significant energy, heating and carbon savings that our insulation offers.

Thermal insulators should be utilised across your build but are essential when looking at roof and loft insulation as this will noticeably prevent heat loss. Additionally, we offer floor and cavity wall thermal insulation, to further support heat retention and energy efficiency.

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Acoustic Insulation

In accordance with the 2023 update of document E of the UK building regulations, soundproofing of airborne sound pollution in purpose-built domestic and commercial properties should not exceed 45 dB.

For impact sound insulation between floors and ceilings, this should not exceed 62 dB. Acoustic insulation is therefore a vital part of modern-day construction.

Furthermore, these values are only the minimum. By enhancing sound insulation across cavity walls, floors and ceilings, you can prevent noise contamination from neighbours and cohabiters, reducing tension and bringing peace to any living space.

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Moisture Resistant Insulation

As we continue to accommodate the developing insulation building requirements, our buildings are better insulated than ever before.

However, this increased protection can cause certain air flow issues and moisture problems if the wrong material is selected.

Architects and designers need to be aware of such issues, so that they can specify moisture resistant insulation that combats these issues. By working with our teams, we can find the best permeable insulation options that allow air to circulate freely, preventing this moisture build up and potential mould growth.

Our teams can provide technical guidance to ensure your insulation is the correct thickness for your region, to prevent condensation and excess moisture.

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Associated insulation items

As well as supplying our insulation products, we’re able to fulfil your installation requirements through the supply of fixings, dampcourses, weep vents, cavity trays, airbricks, telescopic vents and expanding foam.

We stock many of these key materials in our Alfiam Building Supplies warehouse in Send, Surrey or we can deliver nationwide.

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Insulation Blocks

We supply a range of concrete and clay blocks that will significantly contribute to the thermal and sound insulation of your build, either as they are or with insulation infills. Useful information can be found on our product pages.

A number of our businesses can supply insulation for all your building requirements.

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Looking for further design and technical guidance?

Our experienced teams are on hand to provide technical details or offer design advice, utilising our network of knowledge, to ensure your project requirements are met.

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