Brick Cladding

We're pleased to offer a range of brick slip cladding systems that offer a variety of colours, textures and finishes to suit different project requirements.

  • Glassworks 3 Large
  • RFP TM S 3000px 1366
  • Curtain Hotel crop
  • Oasis Academy Silvertown 26 Large
  • CJD 7478 LR

Using our brick cladding systems, you can achieve the appearance of any facing brick while enjoying the time-saving benefits that a cladding solution offers over traditionally laid brickwork.

You can explore a gallery of our brick cladding projects below. For specific product quotes, technical guidance and certification, please get in touch with our teams.

Be inspired

  • Oasis Academy Silvertown 54 Large
  • Oasis Academy Silvertown 34 Large
  • Curtain Hotel 12
  • Curtain Hotel 7
  • RFP TM S 3000px 1375
  • RFP TM S 3000px 2 20
  • CJD 7484 LR
  • CJD 7453 LR
  • CD5 2029 LR
  • CJD 6992 LR
  • CD5 1969 LR
  • Glassworks 12 Large
  • Glassworks 10 Large
  • Cathedral Court 2
  • Cathedral Court Derby
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