GRP stands for glass reinforced plastic and it is frequently used for cladding panels, canopies, dormers or window and door surrounds.

Also known as fibreglass or glass fibre reinforced plastic, this material utilises continuous glass fibres within a polymer or plastic, to achieve improved durability, plus compressive and tensile strength.

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As with other glass reinforced products, GRP materials are much more lightweight than their non-reinforced counterparts. This is because the added fibres offer such increased strength that less material is required overall.

For standard or bespoke GRP products, please speak with our teams who can assist with design, specification and technical guidance before supplying a quote a ensuring your products are delivered on site exactly when you need them.

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As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

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GRP Canopies

We’re able to supply over-door and front door canopies in a choice of Roman, Strand door, and Combination styles.

Our GRP canopies come in a huge choice of sizes so you can match the product to the style of your property.

We also supply a huge choice of bay tops and base styles in our GRP catalogue so that you can have a consistent look across your house.

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GRP Dormers

Our GRP dormers are available in different styles to suit your property or development and will add valuable space to any upper floor room.

Manufactured in high quality rigid fibre glass and moulded in one piece, a GRP dormer can reduce installation time and cost against traditional build.

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GRP Surrounds

We have an available range of GRP door surrounds in various sizes and styles.

We have an available range of GRP door surrounds in various sizes and styles.

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