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We’re pleased to supply concrete roofing tiles, one of the most cost effective and durable roofing materials available today, to our wide range of project partners.

Concrete roof tiles are produced in a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes, making them suitable for builds of all types, from traditional to modern design visions.

  • Crest Concrete Double Pantile finishged in Onyx Black
  • Crest Concrete Roof Tile finished Cayenne Red
  • Crest Planum Concrete Roof Tilkes with Integrated Salor Panels

Machine-made concrete roof tiles are always cut to precise tolerances, ensuring they’re easy and efficient to lay.

Whether you’re looking to specify interlocking, plain, flat or curved concrete roof tiles, the products exact dimensions are sure to bring a high-quality finish to your project. These are all manufactured to BS EN 490.

If you’re interested in the range of colours and finishes that we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for samples or to seek design guidance.

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Grey roofing tiles supplied to large scale housing development.

As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

Crest Concrete Double Pantile in Rustic

Types of tiles for your concrete tile roof

Many manufacturers have their own names for their range of concrete roof tiles however these can be generally categorised into two groups: profile or flat roof tiles.

Profiled Concrete Roof Tiles

As the name suggests, a profiled tile will have at least one curve or bend as part of its structure. Designed to interlock with each other, these tiles are great at draining water away from your roof, reducing the risk of water permeating your tiles.

Tiles with the terms pantile, double pantile, double roman or contoured in their name are all profiled options that will bring tradition and character to your project exterior.

Flat Concrete Roof Tiles

With an equally self-explanatory name, flat roofing tiles are those that have no profile at all. Flat tiles can be highly weather resistant when made from concrete, withstanding a range of UK conditions. Should damage occur, flat tiles also tend to be easier to walk on and inspect, should a repair be required.

Tiles with the terms interlocking or plain in their names are all flat options that will bring a modern look to your build.

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  • Blankney Crescent Lincoln 5
  • CD5 0650 LR
  • Concrete roof tiles placeholder Large
  • Concrete roof tiles supplied to housing development.
  • Blankney Crescent Lincoln 4
  • Brant Broughton 9
  • Crest Concrete Double Pantile finished in Rustic
  • Crest Concrete Double Pantile in Onyx Black
  • Crest Planum Concrete Roof in Red
  • Crest Planum in Cayenne Red
  • Crest Planum Roof Tiles with Tapered Ridge
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