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Soladrilho Terracotta Cladding

Sourced from raw, natural clay, Soladrilho terracotta cladding, formerly supplied by Terreal, is a rainscreen solution that utilises overlapping horizontal joints to offer specifiers and designers a wide range of design possibilities.

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By utilising unique carrier systems, Soladrilho terracotta tiles can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Not only do these systems give architects and specifiers design freedom but it also offers efficient construction for installers. The lightweight tiles mean less strain on your project substrate, saving on on-site energy and labour costs.

LBT Brick & Facades have been UK agents for the Soladrilho terracotta rainscreen cladding system for over 20 years. This partnership means we are able to offer the most comprehensive range of tiles, planks and sunscreens to the UK construction industry in a vast combination of profiles and glazes.

For full details of our testing and accreditation, please contact LBT Brick & Facades.

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As well as offering a wide range of products, we also offer a range of bespoke services.


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Chapel Wharf

Soladrilho Terracotta Cladding, Red, Slate Grey

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Manchester Waters

Soladrilho Terracotta Cladding, Slate Grey, Storm Grey

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Due to their material make-up, the Soladrilho clay tiles can be created in custom colours, with tailored finishes, shapes and sizes also available.

As well as these bespoke options, the Soladrilho tiles are available in standard through-body colours that reflect the organic materials in which they’re made from. From champagne and salmon, to coffee and slate grey, both light and dark tones can be utilised to transform your facade and either contrast or harmonise with the surrounding architecture.

As well as offering neutral tones, we can also supply a wide variety of glazed colours, covering the whole RAL range, in matt and gloss, that offer customers a striking effect.

So that you can see the colours in person and see how the terracotta complements your other facade materials, our teams are happy to supply product samples. Email us your requirements or give us a call and we’ll get back to you with samples and design guidance.

Colour swatches

Explore the range of Soladrilho terracotta cladding colours

Chalk white
Chalk White
Dune Pink
Dune Pink
Sahara Beige
Sahara Beige
Salmon Pink
Salmon Pink
Red Orange 1
Red Orange
Red 1
Dark Grey
Dark Grey
Ebony 1
Chocolate Brown
Chocolate Brown
Clay Grey
Clay Grey
Light Grey
Light Grey
Storm Grey
Storm Grey
Pearl Grey
Pearl Grey
Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey
Slate Grey
Slate Grey
Glazed Yellow
Glazed Lichen
Glazed Orange
Glazed Red
Glazed Mars Red
Mars Red
Glazed Shadow Earth
Shadow Earth
Glazed Verdigris
Glazed Green
Glazed Petrol Blue
Petrol Blue
Glazed Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue
Glazed Violet
Glazed Marine Black
Marine Black
Glazed White Matte
White Matte
Glazed White Glossy
White Glossy
Glazed Light Grey Matte
Light Grey Matte
Glazed Light Grey Glossy
Light Grey Glossy
Glazed Calamine Pink
Calamine Pink
Glazed Bronze
Glazed Steel
Glazed Black Glossy
Black Glossy
Glazed Black Matte
Black Matte
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The Soladrilho terracotta tiles are available in a choice of finishes, so architects and specifiers can create a truly unique facade for their project. The finishes include:

  • Smooth: With no texture added, the Soladrilho smooth tiles offer a clean and crisp facade finish
  • Patinated: Patinated tiles reflect the mottled texture of patinated metal, offering great interest and dimension
  • Ridged: The Soladrilho ridged tiles have a corrugated effect with 9mm high ridges that are 2mm deep and spaced 25mm apart
  • Grooved: The grooves on these tiles are 13mm in height, 6mm in depth and spaced 50mm apart for an elegant facade finish
  • Glazed: With a myriad of glazes available, including metallic options, a glazed finish will no doubt create an eye-catching facade feature

We also offer terracotta baguettes in a range of shapes and lengths. To provide a decorative detail or to protect a building from the sun, terracotta sunscreen provides a wide range of use and aesthetics.

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  • Terreal terracotta cladding systems supplied to residential development in central Manchester.
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