Brick Cutting

Alongside our brick specification and distribution services, we partner with leading brick fabricators across the UK, to bring our customers a brick cutting service when required.

Brick specials are an essential part of many developments and when standard options are unsuitable or unavailable, brick cutting can be employed to produce the product you need.

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Whether it’s cut & bond, cut & reface, cut & plug or hand carving, our experienced teams are on hand to advise you on the most appropriate method.

Brick cutting is an excellent way to ensure your brick specials exactly match the bricks used on the adjacent facade. Using bricks from the same production run, we can quickly re-work and turn around your product in their new form, ready for installation.

  • Cut bricks, brick specials and prefabricated components supplied to project in London.
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    special shaped bricks and prefabricated brick arches specified and supplied to Salford project.

    Prefabricated Components

    We’ve partnered with FabSpeed, a leading brick fabricator in the UK, to provide our customers with flexible, easy to install and cost-effective products, such as arches, chimneys, brick facade systems and other brick detailing.

    While FabSpeed are experience suppliers of standard brick specials, their bespoke facilities and highly skilled production processes also facilitate the manufacture of non-standard bricks, as well as cut bricks.

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