Natural Stone Pavers

Natural Stone Pavers are fast becoming the sought after product for landscaping projects, driveways and patios. Natural stone offers a stunning and luxurious appearance while remaining durable and long lasting, placing them as an attractive alternative to other materials.

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Our natural stone block pavers are produced from granite, sandstone and limestone, providing our customers with all the benefits and varying finishes that you’d expect from these beautiful natural materials.

Don’t just take our word for it, visit our paver displays across the country to view the beautiful diversity of natural stone paving.

How we can help

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As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

Granite Block Paving

Granite block paving is an incredibly robust natural stone option with a natural texture that prevents scratches and slipping. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications such as patios, paths and driveways as it can withstand heavy weight and won’t be marked by furniture placed upon it.

Depending on your requirements, additional texture can be added for increased safety or surfaces can be made completely smooth, for a sophisticated and refined look.

Finally, granite benefits from being resistant to extreme weather conditions, making them reliable and low maintenance.

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Sandstone Block Paving

Sandstone block paving is an excellent product that is full of character. Not only does the natural appearance of sandstone look gorgeous when first laid, as time goes on, natural weathering will only improve the surface.

Durable, hard-wearing and naturally frost resistant, sandstone is a timeless choice for your landscaping project. Neutral in tone, the appearance and lifelong colour of natural stone is near inimitable.

Looking for technical data on our sandstone block pavers? Give our teams a call or send your project information over via email and we’ll get back to you with details and guidance.

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Limestone Block Paving

Similar to our sandstone selection, limestone block paving is durable, resistant to frost and anti-slip.

The real benefit to using limestone is the naturally occurring variety of shades that the stone offers, from sleek blues and blacks to warmer yellows and reds. Though there is a wider variety of tones available, this is still naturally occurring within the stone, with no treatment added, so there’s no opportunity for colour to fade.

In all applications, limestone block paving is an excellent way to enhance its surroundings and complement all other natural features in an indoor or outdoor environment.

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Our teams are on hand to find you the right natural stone pavers for your project.

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Our experienced teams are on hand to provide technical details or offer design advice, utilising our network of knowledge, to ensure your project requirements are met.

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