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Mitton Grange 7
CPG Building Supplies

Mitton Grange

Facing Bricks, Cast Stone, Prefabricated Brickwork

20231107 133631
Brick Mongers Wessex

10-20 Romsey Road

Lanzarote Black, Exclusive Brick Range, Facing Bricks

Chapel Wharf 12 Large
LBT Brick & Facades

Chapel Wharf

Soladrilho Terracotta Cladding, Red, Slate Grey

Brooks Dye Works 5
Matching Brick

Brooks Dye Works

Facing Bricks

Towerworks 15
Brick Services

Tower Works, Leeds

Facing Bricks, Brick Cladding, Prefabricated Brickwork

The Calder 3 Web Res
CPG Building Supplies

The Calders, Cliviger

Walling Stone, Cast Stone

Back Turner Street AF 11 08 2023 124 of 137 copy
Architectural Facades

Glassworks, Manchester

Brick Cladding, Armourclad Metal Cladding, Brackets and Support Structures

Hallam Towers 1
Architectural Facades

Hallam Towers, Sheffield

Armourclad Metal Cladding, Brackets and Support Structures

Baltichotel 2024 02 12 102339 apgr
Architectural Facades

Baltic Hotel, Liverpool

Brackets and Support Structures