Concrete Blocks

Our teams are able to supply a wide range of concrete blocks, including Aircrete, dense, fairfaced, lightweight, medium dense and paint grade options.

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Concrete blocks are an incredibly versatile building material, with a range of compositions and appearances, that suit any number of construction applications.

Concrete blocks are made by combining cement and other aggregates, such as sand or gravel, resulting in a durable and economical building material that’s quick to install.

Used to form external and internal walls, floors and foundations, our concrete blocks are available in a range of sizes and dimensions, to suit your requirements. We stock a multitude of blocks in our merchant yards in addition to supplying them direct to site; get in touch for a quote.

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As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

Aircrete Concrete Blocks

Aircrete concrete blocks

2.8N - 7N

Aircrete blocks are unique due to their micro-cellular structure, which contains very small pockets of trapped air, offering a range of benefits.

A cost-effective solution for walls, floors and groundworks, Aircrete blocks are great thermal and sound insulators dues to the air trapped within. Furthermore, these blocks are lightweight, fire and moisture resistant and have a high compressive strength.

If you’re expecting you’ll need to cut blocks on site, Aircreate may be the option for you as they’re very workable and effortless to cut, saw or drill into using standard hand tools.

Lightweight Concrete Blocks v3

Lightweight concrete blocks

3.5N - 7N

Lightweight concrete blocks offer builders a great range of benefits when on site, including being easier to lift and carry.

With a density range between 850 and 950kg/m3, lightweight blocks also offer great benefits following installation. Their lightweight nature comes from the honeycomb effect within the block, which offers great thermal insulation properties together with increased durability.

Medium Dense Blocks

Medium dense concrete blocks

3.5N – 10.5N

Medium dense concrete blocks fall in the middle of the dense to lightweight range, offering a mix of both benefits. This makes them a staple of the block world, including use in block and beam applications, plus above and below ground works.

With a density range between 1250 and 1500kg/m3, medium dense blocks provide more thermal insulation and less weight than a dense block. Medium dense options are also stronger than some of our lightweight alternatives. For technical advice of which of our concrete blocks are most suitable for your building application, please get in touch.

Dense Concrete Blocks

Dense concrete blocks

7N – 21N

As the name suggests, dense concrete blocks are the densest option on the market and is therefore a great option for strength-based uses. For load bearing walls and building foundations, these blocks also offer excellent durability.

With a density range between 1800 – 2100 kg/m3, these blocks are incredibly compact and offer great sound insulation.

Paint Grade and Fairfaced Concrete Blocks

Paint grade and fairfaced concrete blocks

Our paint grade and fairfaced concrete blocks have a very fine textured finish, making them ideal for walls that will be left exposed or require direct applications of paint, rather than requiring plaster or render first.

Our paint grade and fairfaced blocks can be medium dense or dense and are most commonly used in commercial projects such as carparks, sports halls, corridors and hotels.

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Our businesses are able to supply a range of high-quality concrete blocks.

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