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Cast Stone has been used across UK architecture for centuries, with many installations still in existence. Not only is it a timeless and attractive material, cast stone is also a durable option that stands the test of time.

We supply both semi-dry and wet cast stone in a variety of forms, such as cills, copings and window surrounds.

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As a cast stone supplier, we're pleased that the product enables architects and designers to incorporate stone-work details into a project facade, adding charm and character, whilst keeping costs within budget.

We’ve detailed some of our cast stone products below but are also able to work with our manufacturing partners, to create bespoke features for your development.

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As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

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  • Cast Stone Window Surrounds

    Our cast stone window surrounds, including cast stone cills, heads, jambs and mullions, are used to accentuate or distinguish a window opening within a project facade.

    Window surrounds can be designed and specified in a number of thicknesses and styles, to successfully assimilate them into the rest of your facade. As well as being an attractive feature, cills and other surrounds are used to weatherproof windows and the materials used below.

  • Cast Stone Copings

    Used to cap or cover a wall, coping stones are a beautiful way to protect brickwork from wet weather.

    We offer coping stones in a range of sleek designs, including flat, weathered and curved. Primarily used in conjunction with other products, cast stone copings come in a range of colours to complement any form of brickwork or masonry.

  • Cast Stone Plinths

    Used at the base of a building, column or other free-standing formation, cast stone plinths provide elegance while protecting materials used at the foot of a structure.

    Also used within landscape architecture, as raised beds or planters, our cast stone plinths are available in a range of colours and finishes to match the design of your outdoor space.

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  • Cast Stone Portico

    A cast stone portico is a decorative feature, mostly used on residential properties, that surrounds an entryway for an impressive first look. Also referred to as a porch, cast stone porticos are a great way to add grandeur to any residence.

    Additionally, we can help you specify cast stone balustrades that will bring a similar sophistication to any staircase, balcony or patio area across your project.

  • Cast Stone Quoins

    We can supply a range of cast stone quoins to your project facade, all of which are designed for different purposes. From standard profile L-Quoins, to chamfered and reveal options, our teams can discuss your project requirements and advise which will be most suitable.

    A real benefit to cast stone is that it complements almost any other facade material, so whether you’re using facing bricks or walling stone, quoins are an excellent way to add style and support to your build.

  • Cast Stone String Courses

    Also known as a band course, cast stone string courses are becoming an increasingly popular design feature that adds interest to a facade, while breaking up large blocks of colour or material.

    Used to divert rainwater away from a building, string courses can also be an ornamental that sits flush or projects from the facade.

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