Glazed Bricks

Using a glazed brick across your facade is a great way to visually enhance your build.

From subtle to striking colour options, our glazed bricks are available in a variety of colours ready to create those interesting elevation details.

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Due to the application of a veneer, which creates the striking glazed effect, glazed bricks also provide easy maintenance, making it great for high traffic locations.

Click through our gallery to see examples of our wide range of glazed bricks, including white and green glazed options, in use as they transform their respective facades.

Green glazed sawtooth bricks supplied to Royal Albert Wharf.

Glazed brick colours

If you’re looking to elevate your project facade, our glazed bricks are a great way to do so.

Following the coating of an extruded brick with a precisely tailored glaze, your bricks are carefully fired for long lasting colour. Fade resistant, impervious to liquids and graffiti resistant, your colour is protected from external factors when glazed.

Beyond being available in almost any RAL colour desired, our manufacturing partners are able to add distinctive textures to their bricks, including smooth, speckled and rough. Considering all these eye-catching effects, glazed bricks remain one of the most cost-effective ways of enhancing your brickwork facade.

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  • TM Creed Court 21 Large
  • Green glazed sawtooth bricks supplied to Royal Albert Wharf.
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