Millboard Decking

We’re proud to partner with Millboard, the leading manufacturer of wood-look composite decking, to bring this beautiful, high-performing product to our customers.

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With a variety of colours and finishes available, millboard decking is an eco-friendly, attractive and durable solution for your landscaping project.

Millboard Decking combines the beauty of natural timber with performance that real wood cannot match providing long-lasting enhancement with minimal maintenance. Hand-moulded from the finest pieces of oak, it boasts refined timber grain that mimics natural timber but is engineered to offer an enhanced decking experience.

Alfiam Building Supplies are one of the largest Millboard decking suppliers in the Southeast, with all the products carefully stored in their warehouse to ensure that they are kept in perfect condition.

Live further afield? We can deliver nationwide for projects of any size.

Key Benefits

The unique polymer resin construction of millboard decking does not deteriorate like natural wood. Instead, the unique surface provides excellent durability plus the additional benefit of exceptional slip-resistance, even when wet!

Key Benefit Tick

Moulded from real wood

Key Benefit Tick

Highly slip-resistant

Key Benefit Tick

UV & weathering stability

Key Benefit Tick

Rot, split and splinter resistant

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UK made with a UK backed warranty

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Utilises recycled materials

Colour swatches

Explore the range of Millboard decking colours and finishes.

Limed Oak
Smoked Oak
Brushed Basalt Swatch
Brushed Basalt
MDE176 H Enhanced Grain Ashwood Overhead Laying Pattern
Enhanced grain golden oak
Golden Oak
Enhanced grain coppered oak
Coppered Oak
Enhanced grain jarrah
Enhanced grain antique oak
Antique Oak
MDE176 Y Enhanced Grain Ebony Grey Overhead Laying Pattern 2023 11 29 144038
Ebony Grey
Enhanced burnt cedar
Burnt Cedar
Enhanced Grain SB Limed Oak
Limed Oak
Enhanced Grain SB Smoked Oak
Smoked Oak
Enhanced Grain SB Brushed Basalt
Brushed Basalt
Enhanced Grain SB Golden Oak
Golden Oak
Enhanced Grain SB Coppered Oak
Coppered Oak
Enhanced Grain SB Antique Oak
Antique Oak
Enhanced Grain SB Burnt Cedar
Burnt Cedar
Lasta grip goldenoak
Golden Oak
Lasta grip coppered
Coppered Oak
Weathered oak vintage
Vintage Oak
EB 02

How we can help

Millboard Enhanced Grain Golden Oak brand image 11

As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

Edging and Fascias

We also supply Millboard fascias, plus square and bullnose ending to complete your project. These finishing touches ease installation and add stability to your build, resulting in a more refined look.

Useful Resources

Looking for further insights and technical information about our millboard products? Use our useful resources tool to find out more.

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  • Millboard Enhanced Grain Golden Oak brand image 11
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  • Enhanced Grain Coppered Oak with bullnosed edging10
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