Clay Tiles

Our selection of clay tiles come in an extensive range of colours, textures and formats to suit any construction project.

Clay roof tiles are a timeless, durable option and those we supply all comply with BS EN 1304 and exceed the Environment Agency’s guidelines, meaning their green credentials are second to none.

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Being a natural product, clay has been a very popular roofing material choice for hundreds of years.

Therefore, as tile suppliers, we offer a wide variety of clay roof tiles.

Ranging from plain roof tiles to double roman interlocking tiles or profiled options, we can specify economical machine-made options or traditional handmade tiles. Speak to our team of advisors to help you select the right product for your project.

How we can help

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As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

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  • Tile fittings

    No roof would be complete without a range of fittings, so we supply the full scope of fitting options, from eaves tiles through to decorative tiles for tile hanging.

  • Eaves Tiles

    Eaves tiles are an essential fitting when undertaking a roofing project, being predominantly used under the ridge at the top of the roof and under the bottom course of tiles.

    Fitting an eaves course under the bottom course of standard tiles allows for any rainwater to flow off the roof before it has a chance to get to the battens and felt, which form the base layer of the roof.

  • Tile and a Half

    Also known as gable tiles, a tile and a half is a vital fitting when laying a roof.

    By using a tile and a half, installers are able to maintain the desired tile bond pattern without having to cut tiles onsite. Traditionally, installers would lay the tile and a half by alternating between each end of the standard tile course.

  • Ridges

    As a national roof tile supplier, we supply a wide range of options for the ridge of any roof.

    Whether you’re looking for standard half-round, angled ridges or maybe something a little more decorative for your roof, enquire now about the various ridge options we supply. We can even supply mono ridge, should you be looking to incorporate both pitched and flat roofs on your building

  • Hips

    We can supply a wide variety of different hips ranging from bonnet hips to third round and even tapered hips. We are happy to supply these hips in either clay or concrete to suit individual needs.

  • Valleys

    Although GRP valleys are becoming more and more popular for larger scale building projects and developments, traditional clay valley tiles will offer an unmatched elegance.

  • Vertical Angle Tile

    Vertical angle tiles are a very important part of tile hanging, allowing designers to place tiles around corners while keeping the bond of the tiles.

    Available in left-handed and right-handed orientations, our vertical angle tiles also come in the full range of colour options to match you clay roof tiles perfectly.

  • Ornamental Tiles

    Why not create a standout feature amongst your vertical hanging tiles?

    Our ornamental tiles are increasing in popularity as they offer designers and architects the means to create intricate details on project facades. Whether you want to use clubs or fishtails as a feature, or you wish to only use ornamental tiles, we can help you transform your tilework into a striking project feature.

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