Clay Pavers

Clay pavers, or clay block pavers, are some of the most attractive paving options that you can use in your landscaping project, as the wide variety of shapes and colours lend themselves to numerous beautiful applications.

  • Blockleys 65mm Hadley Brindle Chamfered Pavers i
  • Triton UWF Tumbled 2
  • Gala Waterstruck WF

We source our clay pavers from manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe, so whether the required pavers will be used to accommodate vehicle traffic, or as part of pedestrian walkways, we are your ultimate source.

As you’d expect from any leading paver supplier, we offer a range of clay paver solutions. From dutch clay pavers through to tumbled and chamfered options, clay is an aesthetically pleasing choice to complete your landscaping project.

Speak to our teams for product samples, design or technical support, or use our locations page to get directions to pavers near you, ready for same day collection.

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As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

Paver Design

Clay pavers offer the same natural tones as that of clay bricks and therefore are some of the most versatile pavers available.

From purposeful tints and staining to creasing and tumbled edges, the character that our clay block pavers bring is second to none.

This colour variety stems from the natural clay, sand and water used to produce the paver, which is then reinforced through the firing process. This means that colour won’t fade and your creative display will remain as vibrant as the day they were laid.

Due to the variety of sizes and dimensions available, clay pavers can also be laid in a variety of patterns and designs, further expanding your project potential.

Blockleys 65mm Charcoal Chamfered Pavers i

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  • Siena WF
  • Dark Grey Clay Pavers
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  • Auraton WF
  • Blockleys 65mm Charcoal Chamfered Pavers i
  • Red clay pavers supplied to public footpath.
  • Hannover Buff Brindle
  • Bruno DF
  • Bochum Orange Multi
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    Our businesses are able to supply a range of high-quality clay pavers, plus other landscaping products.

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