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Our concrete block pavers are sourced from leading UK manufacturers, to ensure our customers get the highest quality product.

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Concrete pavers are a tough, durable and versatile form of paver that also offers great value for money, so you can create a striking outdoor space, completely within budget.

Depending on your project requirements, whether it’s appearance or performance focused, there’s a concrete block paver that will suit your needs. Whether you need concrete pavers for your driveway, your patio or for a large-scale residential scheme, our teams can assist with technical and specification guidance.

Many of our regional stock locations all carry a wide range of concrete pavers, plus other paving options, so you can see them laid in person and make an informed choice. Visit our locations page for directions.

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As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

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  • Benefits of Concrete Block Paving

    Concrete Paving is one of the most used paving products across the UK, and there’s a reason for that. We’ve detailed some of our favourite benefits:

    Durable: Concrete is one of the most durable materials out there, with its composition offering incredible performance benefits. With the right maintenance, concrete block pavers should last at least 20 years, so you can walk and drive over your surface for years without damage.

  • Benefits of Concrete Block Paving

    Permeable: Some might suggest that concrete pavers can’t be permeable however our manufacturing partners have developed innovative ways to combat this issue, allowing water to easily drain form your laid surface.

    By using subtle projections or nibs, space is created between each block paver to encourage drainage.

  • Benefits of Concrete Block Paving

    Budget Friendly: Due to its popularity, concrete pavers are produced by a number of leading manufacturers, making them readily available at a number of price points.

    From traditional dimensions, through to curved shapes and linear options that rival clay pavers in their aesthetic impact, let our teams know your budget and we’ll come back with recommendations and a quote.

  • Benefits of Concrete Block Paving

    Aesthetically Versatile: Spanning the colour spectrum, concrete block pavers don’t have to be grey. Instead, we’re able to supply a wide range of colours, tones and textures to suit your vision. Depending on your location, these variations can help blend your project into its local architecture or create a striking contrast.

    Additionally, we’re able to source a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from square to linear formats, so that you can lay interesting patterns and create unique details on your landscaping project.

  • Benefits of Concrete Block Paving

    Recyclable: At the end of their lifespan, there are many ways in which you can either recycle or reuse your concrete pavers.

    Concrete pavers are recyclable through a number of schemes. Once broken down and cleaned, pavers can be taken to a local recycling facility so none of the product goes to waste. You could also look to reuse any old pavers in other applications such as garden edging, a new pathway or as drainage in you plant pots or beds.

    Alternatively, if you have excess product that you won’t be using, a local tradesperson or DIYer may be interested in taking them off your hands.

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  • Laying Patterns

    As well as using colour and texture to personalise a landscape, you can also change the look and feel of a space by using different laying patterns.

    Click though our laying patterns for further inspiration. We've included:

    • Stretcher Bond
    • Stack Bond
    • Random
    • Basket Weave
    • Herringbone
  • Stretcher Bond

    If you’re familiar with bricks then you’re likely familiar with the stretcher bond. This is one of the most popular laying patterns for any material of paver as the staggered formation, with each row offset by half the length of a slab, creates a classic look.

    No matter the size of your slab, this pattern is easy to install.

  • Stack Bond

    More popular in paving than brickwork, the stack bond is when pavers are laid in column and row alignment, with no overlap of the paver. This creates a neat and modern appearance and that is also very easy to install when on site.

    For the stack bond, you will need slabs that are uniform in size to ensure straight lines aren’t interrupted.

  • Random

    The laying of pavers in a random formation means there is no distinct pattern to follow. Where some patterns offer a more orderly appearance, the random pattern provides a more organic and naturally occurring look.

    Though this pattern comes without set rules, it’s useful to preplan a random pattern to ensure you’ve distributed sizes evenly across your space and cross joints are avoided.

  • Basket Weave

    The basketweave pattern is most often used with pavers of smaller dimensions however a larger linear slab could also be employed for a large format, contemporary version of this pattern.

    Created by laying pairs of pavers in alternating directions, the basketweave pattern generates a grid like format that resembles its namesake.

  • Herringbone

    The herringbone pattern involves laying slabs or block pavers at a 45° angle, which results in a zigzag formation. Due to the nature of this pattern, slab sizes tend to be at least twice as long as they are wide so, 100 x 200, 300 x 600 or 300 x 900.

    The V shape created results in a rather durable surface, which is why we often find it on driveways and walkways.

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    A number of our businesses are able to supply concrete block pavers, plus a range of high-quality landscaping products.

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    Looking for further design and technical guidance?

    Our experienced teams are on hand to provide technical details or offer design advice, utilising our network of knowledge, to ensure your project requirements are met.

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