Slate Pavers

Slate paving combines aesthetic appeal with sustainability benefits, to produce a luxurious paving solution.

Available in various sized packs and single sizes, our high-quality slate pavers are suitable for extreme weather conditions, as slate has great resistance to the elements.

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Beyond its great performance benefits and sustainability credentials, slate paving is well loved for the beautiful range of colours this material offers.

Create a striking patio or driveway using any of our slate paver colour options. Use black slate for a rich and modern look, grey slate for a more subtle finish or a copper slate to bring warmth and variety to your outdoor area.

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As well as supplying a wide range of slate pavers, we also offer a great range of related services.

Slate and Sustainability

Slate is gaining a reputation as one of the world's most environmentally friendly products.

In fact, independent database Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE, University of Bath) recommends that natural slate is the materials with the fewest adverse effects on the environment.

Our slate paver offering is sourced from naturally occurring material and is cut by hand, meaning there is very minimal energy and water used to produce them.

Additionally, slate is completely recyclable and reusable in a lot of instances which makes their entire life cycle sustainable.

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  • Large format slate pavers supplied to patio project.
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