GRC is an acronym for glass reinforced concrete, a versatile product that is very similar to wet cast stone but with glass fibres imbued into the stone, creating a lighter alternative.

The lightweight GRC material provides notable compressive strength that is employed in technically challenging instances where traditional cast stone may not be possible due to weight restrictions.

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The GRC material is typically supplied as a thin cladding panel and used for full facades, overhanging soffits, as part of a balcony balustrade or for string courses.

We’re able to discuss your technical requirements and determine whether glass fibre reinforced concrete or our other masonry options are most suited for your specification. 

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As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

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Why use GRC?

In addition to its lightweight nature, GRC has many further benefits that make it a great facade solution. We’ve detailed some additional benefits below:

  • Strength - Though GRC is 80% lighter than precast concrete, it still has a greater tensile strength that’s upwards of 50KN/mm2.
  • Versatility – As moulds and an assortment of aggregates are used to create GRC, almost any shape, profile or finish can be created.
  • Sustainability GRC is a BREEAM A+ Rated Product that uses low quantities of both energy and natural raw materials. In comparison to concrete, GRC also has a lower carbon impact due to the minimised number of reinforcements required to maintain the weight.
  • Durability – The properties of GRC are known to not degrade with time and instead have a life of up to 60-80 years, even against extreme UK weather conditions.
  • Efficiency – As GRC is manufactured offsite, it can be removed from the critical path and supplied only when required.

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