Outwood Wharf

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Lagan Construction
IBI Group
Lichfield Red Multi

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    Part of the ongoing Salford Crescent masterplan, the first phase of the Outwood Wharf project was completed in June 2020. Comprising 263 apartments and townhouses, the facade utilises facing bricks, precast panels and brick cladding to achieve its dynamic appearance.

    Working with architects, IBI Group, LBT Brick & Facades recommended a red multi facing brick to be used across the project elevation. Where the architects had incorporated recessed panelling and other brickwork detailing into their design, LBT Brick & Facades also supplied brick cladding and precast panels that could seamlessly continue the brickwork and bond pattern of the adjacent facing brick.

    Outwood Wharf 1 Large
    Outwood Wharf 2 Large
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