Flint Blocks

With no substrate required, our flint blocks offer our customers a high-quality finish and easy installation.

In addition to supplying standard and bespoke flint blocks, we also offer bags of loose flint to suit any project size.

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All of our flint blocks are produced in an independent facility where the stone is mechanically cut down and dressed by a dedicated team of flint knappers.

The knapped flint is then pressed into each block by hand, giving each block a completely unique look. Then, the blocks can be laid in a similar way to conventional concrete blocks, without a backing wall, before being pointed. This results in the gorgeous traditional effect of loose laid flint, with only half the amount of time and labour used to achieve the same quality finish.

As well as using naturally occurring materials such as flint and stone, the flint blocks are produced in an almost waste free and near carbon net zero facility. Furthermore, the facility is purely run on solar power and all production water used comes from rainwater.

For stone, marble or other specialist bespoke blocks please do get in touch with our teams so we can discuss your requirements.

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Knapped Field Flint

As well as supplying a wide range of products, we also offer a great range of bespoke services.

Loose Flint and Stone

Loose Flint & Stone

If you’re looking to achieve a completely traditional flint build, we can provide the loose flint to do this.

Available as both knapped and un-knapped flint, stone or marble, each piece is hand-cut by an experienced team before being packed into large bags for transportation. Each bag weights approximately 1 tonne and has coverage of approximately 6-8sqm depending on the stone size and how the product is to be laid. ½ tonne bags are also available.

These bags can be made supply to order, or you can pick up stock from our yard location in Hampshire.

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