Brickability supply many different rainscreen systems including terracotta, glazed, natural and reconstituted stone tiles, many of which are available in a wide variety of lengths up to 1,200mm. These include industry leading systems from Ibstock like Elementix.

Rainscreen cladding consists of an outer weather-resistant decorative façade fixed to an underlying structure by means of a supporting grid, which maintains a ventilated and drained cavity between the façade and the structure. The supporting grid is an aluminium rail system that can be quickly fixed back to the building, which the tiles are then attached to. The decorative outer skin provides protection against wind and rain and thermal insulation can also be added to ensure the building’s heat losses are minimised. While the outer layer is semi permeable (allowing the cladding to ‘breathe’) the structure of the building itself is kept perfectly dry as any water will travel down the back of the tile. Any moisture entering as a result of extreme weather conditions is carried off by drainage and evaporation, which occurs thanks to the increased ventilation rain screen offers.

Rainscreen cladding systems can be used to clad new or old buildings and since they are available in a variety of colours, sizes and textures they can be sympathetically used with other cladding materials such as facing bricks or large format clay blocks. Benefits of rainscreen cladding include the speed of build, no wet trades are required, the appearance of solid wall construction and the design opportunity to use numerous facing materials like terracota and stone.

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Brickability offer a wide range of rainscreen cladding systems including the Ibstock Elementix rainscreen system. Rainscreen cladding systems provide architects, builders and contractors with a contemporary cladding solution using an endless choice of materials, textures, sizes and colours. Material choices include clay, glazed ceramic and natural stone panels, which come in various sizes up to 1,200mm in length. Rainscreen systems are fast and straightforward to install with the tiles being fixed back to an aluminium rail system.