Brickability supplies a wide range of prefabricated, high quality brickwork products, including structural and non-structural arches, chimneys, bat boxes, and swift boxes. Producing these architectural products off site is a cost effective way of ensuring high quality details are built into your project effectively, and with ease.

Prefabricated brickwork not only offers quality and cost and labour savings, but is also faster and safer than recreating many masonry features through conventional construction methods. Lightweight brick chimneys – for example – can be assembled quickly and efficiently off site, transported to your project site and installed within hours. Our chimneys are available in both Class 1 (for wood burning heaters) and Class 2 (for gas appliances) variants.

Brickability can construct your prefabricated items out of any brick type, so there are almost no limits to what we can make and deliver to our customers. Aside from bricks, Brickability can provide a range of other prefabricated cladding finishes including render and stone, purpose designed to match the aesthetics of buildings surrounding a project.

Brickability’s prefabricated brickwork solutions are supplied by Ibstock, Apex, Kevington and Brick Fabrication.

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Let Brickability create your prefabricated chimneys – we have years of experience in prefabricating various architectural features. Our chimneys can be purely decorative, or they can be rated for solid fuel burning heaters or gas if preferred (be sure to let us know which rating you require when placing your order). Our prefabricated chimneys are light weight, and can be delivered to your site exactly when you need them. By having Brickability make your chimneys, you avoid the monetary and time expense of building them yourself. Ordering your chimney in conjunction with our brick matching service will allow you to fit a convincing replacement chimney as part of a refurbishment. Or, if your project needs to be sympathetic with neighbouring buildings, we can give you something which will fit in seamlessly.

Brickability supplies three different types of pre-built arches; loose cut arches, pre-formed light weight arches and structural arches. Loose cut arches are cut into individual arch bricks (known as voussoirs), which are then transported ready for installation. The arch can support its own weight, while a catnic lintel is required to support any load placed above. Pre formed (light weight) arches are cut into 22mm brick slips, bonded to an 80mm lightweight block. Again, these arches can support their own weight with catnic lintels required for above loads. Structural arches are 25mm brick slips bonded to a load bearing concrete lintel. These require no additional lintels and can therefore reduce construction time.

Brickability provides bricks and mortar habitats for bats and birds as well as people! Our bat and swift boxes are made of brick slips and can be easily introduced into the outer skin of a building. Both swifts and Britain’s 17 bat species are protected by law because they are positively endangered, or their numbers are in significant decline. Fitting Brickability’s boxes means you’re doing your bit to help protect these species.

Brickability provides a great range of cut and bond special shaped bricks. While firing special shaped bricks by kiln is possible, this is expensive and time consuming compared to using ‘cut and stick’ bricks. Our cut and bond bricks are made using standard bricks which we cut into your preferred shape or design, using the latest tools.