Brickability is unrivalled as the industry’s biggest supplier of high quality facing bricks to architects, developers, builders and contractors. We have long standing partnerships with manufacturers across the UK and Europe. This means we have access to a huge variety of materials in various colours, textures and sizes, at the most cost effective prices. Brickability can also supply handmade, wire cut, water pressed, reclaimed, rumbled, glazed and stock bricks. In fact, we can provide solutions for almost any required building application.

Clay facing bricks have been the building material of choice for thousands of years and although construction methods have changed, bricks continue to be one of the most sustainable, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing cladding solutions available. Bricks – being highly fire and impact resistant – are also one of the most durable and secure building materials, meaning they require very little maintenance once they are in place.

We harbour a vast wealth of experience and can therefore offer thorough technical support, as well as a brick matching service. When you are renovating, installing an extension or constructing an entirely new building, we can locate bricks which exactly match your needs.

We also supply superior quality facing bricks made by leading manufacturers such as Ibstock, Hanson, Fresh Field Lane, Michelmersh, Northcot, Traditional Brick, and Hoskins.

Take advantage of our expertise.

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