16 Jan 2023

Launching Skyeline Balcony Systems

Architectural Facades
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We are delighted to announce the launch of the Architectural Facades Skyeline Balcony Range, the result of a new strategic partnership between global metal specialists thyssenkrupp Materials UK and our team at Architectural Facades. The new range of balcony systems combines the proficiency in precision engineering from thyssenkrupp with our established experience of the facades market.

The balconies incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide a bolt-on-balcony system that is made from the highest quality aluminium that is DNV-GL certified, offers a striking and precision engineered finish and avoids common problems often associated with balconies such as stagnant water and water drainage issues.

Following the Mayor of London’s update of the Housing Design Quality Standards in 2020, local councils have now incorporated private outdoor space requirements into their planning conditions. Recommending "a minimum of 5 sqm of private outside space for each one-to-two person dwelling and an extra 1 sqm for each additional occupant", balconies should be a key consideration in every new development across the UK.

Our experienced team are able to support the design of every project using the Architectural Facades Skyeline Balcony Range while offering structural engineering calculations which are covered by our £5m professional indemnity. This means we can support you to incorporate balcony systems into your projects, guiding you along the process from inception to installations, ensuring your balconies arrive on site on time and to your desired specification.

The Architectural Facades Skyeline Balcony Range provides our customers with peace of mind due to their extensive testing. Formed entirely from non-combustible materials as standard, when used within 1m of a relevant boundary, or on buildings with balconies above 18m, the balconies meet all current UK guidance and legislation. Carried out by a UKAS accredited third party, we have organised independent testing in line with legislation and BS8579 guidance.

Find out more about the testing and certification, typical details, installation and production process of the Architectural Facades Skyeline Balcony Range.

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