11 Sept 2023

Ian Shard Treks the Atlas Mountains

LBT Brick & Facades
Ian Shard Atlas Mountains

To raise money for Halton Haven Hospice, a charity providing specialist palliative care to people from Halton in Cheshire and surrounding areas, Ian Shard (Managing Director of LBT Brick & Facades) set a challenge to climb to the top of North Africa's highest point in the Atlas mountain range, Mount Toubkal.

Unfortunately, shortly after reaching base camp just after 11pm on the 8th September, the Marrakesh–Safi earthquake hit. Fortunately, Ian and his wife were not hurt and as the summit climb was cancelled, they set off down the mountains and instead helped locals in a small village by carrying stretchers to help injured people receive medical services and donating blood in a field hospital.

Despite not being able to reach their goal, Ian and his wife hiked an impressive 3,200 meters and amongst an incredibly scary situation, set about doing what they could to support the people affected by the disaster. To top it off, they have raised a whopping £15,000 so far! The team at LBT are incredibly proud of Ian and his wife and would also like to say a big thank you to the Brickability Group Foundation for their generous donation.

Ian Shard Atlas Mountains
Ian Shard Atlas Mountains 2
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