Brickability offers a wide choice of clay and concrete pavers in various sizes, colours and textures to make your hard landscaping project distinctively beautiful. The majority of our pavers have matching fittings and specials available, to ensure your project is uniformed and well detailed. Pavers can be used in indoor and outdoor situations and within residential, public or commercial applications.

We source our clay and concrete pavers from manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe. Whether the required pavers will be used to accommodate vehicle traffic, or as part of pedestrian walk ways, Brickability is your ultimate source. We can also offer technical and design advice to help you specify the right paver for your project in terms of aesthetics, technical performance and value for money.

Brickability’s pavers are sourced from Ibstock and Blockley.

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Brickability provides a huge range of clay pavers in a variety of colours, textures and sizes, allowing you to achieve beautiful, detailed hard landscaping projects. Clay pavers prove no more expensive to lay than concrete alternatives yet offer a far more aesthetically pleasing finish, the colour and character of which will enhance with time.

Brickability has a great range of concrete paving stones and pavers to meet all of your hard landscaping needs. Our durable concrete block paving is hardwearing and is available in a vast palette of colours, textures and sizes. Using concrete paving stones and pavers for paths, patios, drives and forecourts instead of tarmac or poured concrete provides a durable surface which is more visually striking, and easily maintained and repaired.