Brickability offers a vast selection of clay, concrete and slate roof tiles. Our roofing solutions are made of the highest quality materials, and sourced from the construction industry’s leading manufacturers meaning they comply with all British and European standards.

The roofing materials we supply include clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles and slate roof tiles.

We have roofing experts on hand to offer help and advice regarding the right roofing solution for your project. With our huge network of suppliers and manufacturers, we can find clay, concrete and slate roof tiles in any style, colour or size.

Brickability provides roofing of the highest quality to the construction industry, as well as developers and builders. We don’t just provide traditional roof tiles and roof slates; we also produce a range of modern large format products which are the perfect solution for contemporary designers and architects.

Our tiles conform to the latest environmental directives too, so if environmental concerns are an element of your project brief we’re sure to have the product you need.

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Brickability’s selection of clay tiles come in an extensive range of colours, textures and formats to suit any construction project. Clay roof tiles are durable and those we supply all meet or exceed the Environment Agency’s guidelines, meaning their green credentials are second to none.

Brickability supplies concrete roofing tiles, one of the most cost effective and durable roofing materials available today. Concrete roof tiles are produced in a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes. This makes them suitable for builds of all types, from aesthetically traditional projects, to the most modern visions.

Brickability sources and supplies a great selection of slate roofing tiles. Natural slates are a beautiful way to top off any building and have an incredibly low carbon footprint compared to other roofing materials. Slate is very easily shaped, never loses its colour and can be reused again and again.