As well as supplying all the building and roofing materials you could ever need, Brickability also offer a number of useful services, including:

  • Brick matching, so important in conservation and restoration projects
  • A brick calculator, which accurately estimates the number of bricks or blocks a project will need thus preventing wastage
  • Our quantity take off service, which will effectively outline your building material requirements and costs


To take advantage of our excellent brick matching service, all you need to do is email us a couple of photos and we’ll do the rest! As well as sending experienced brick specialists to view the building or buildings in question in order to find the best possible match, we are also able to source local and speciality bricks from all over Europe, especially important in conservation and restoration projects.

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Brickability is able to provide a complete take off service for our clients. We provide measurements and accurate estimated quantities as part of the package, and can also predict a particular project’s expenditure and attempt to adhere to a specific budget required. The specifics are bespoke to each particular client, so you’ll be sure to get a quantity take off service that’s specifically tailored to your needs.

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Brickability’s brick calculator allows you to instantly and accurately estimate the number of bricks you need for a particular project. The calculator also allows you to select the type of brick you require, meaning that you can choose from standard format, linear or indeed any other kind of brick or block you might need. Our brick calculator will tell you quickly and easily how many you need.

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